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Kraford and Lypt

L-tech Probe System

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Experience a whole new suite of features with the L-tech Probe System! Boasting increased transfer port volume, improved air flow efficiency, a stronger loading probe, easier mag loading and precision repeatability, this system is sure to get the most out of your pellets and slugs. Get ready for more precise, efficient, and powerful Impact!

What is the L-tech Loading System? 

L-tech is an innovative new way to load projectiles. Instead of air needing to go through or around your loading probe, L-tech Loading System loads the projectile and then retracts out of the way. 

The retraction automatically happens before the cocking lever is closed. The mechanical nature of it ensures no misloads or non-retractions. 

Because the probe can retract, there are many benefits:

  1. Increased air volume. Since conventional probes take up space flow is restricted. Retracting the probe behind the transfer port opens up 100% flow.
  2. Increased flow efficiency. Instead of air twisting and turning around probes, there is no obstacle and the air will smooth out faster and result in more consistent acceleration.  
  3. NO MORE BENT PIN PROBES! The probe geometry is solid and will not bend. 
  4. Precision loading. Since the face of the probe is completely flat there is no possibility of slugs or pellets getting loaded at an angle. The projectile is loaded perfectly square to the barrel. 
  5. Chamfer for pellets. The slight chamfer at the edges ensures skirts don't get bent during loading. You can also add more chamfer to customize it to your specific pellet.
  6. Precision repeatability. The bracket that guides the L-tech probe prevents the probe from shifting while loading. The oem probe moves around as it is feeding through the mag. 

Stiffer rear

The new side plates are much more stiff as there is no joining brackets. The KLS-3 is also integrated into the brackets. Like the current options of the KLS-3, you can get either Bench or PRS versions. 

The rear plates also have holes for a soon to come low profile adjustable cheek rest. 

Adjustable Bag-rider

The new bag rider is much like the one available for the KLS-3; now you can adjust the angle to suit your shooting style. 

Integrated KLS-3

The KLS-3 has been integrated. More compact and robust. 

KLS-3 Bench:

  • K&L pad
  • Lighter than the KLS-2
  • 2024 aluminum adjustment rod
  • No tools needed for length of pull 
  • Additional height adjustment 
  • Cast on cast off
  • Cant compensation  
  • Adjustment "flaps" on the pad
  • Bracket contains adapter for monopod 
  • Compatible with bag rider 
  • Compatible with monopod featuring quick and fine adjustment 


      • Lighter than the bench version
      • No tools needed for length of pull 
      • 2024 aluminum adjustment rod
      • Shorter minimum length of pull than the bench version 
      • 4 Additional height adjustment positions for the pad
      • Features a Magpul pad geared towards position competitions 
      • Doesn't have a monopod    
      • Compatible with bag rider






Designed and manufactured in Seattle, USA from domestically sourced aluminum and stainless steel