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Kraford and Lypt

KL-MAV Chassis

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The KL-MAV Chassis is an advanced rifle chassis for the FX Maverick geared towards superior precision shooting and extended Arca Rail for enhanced adaptability. Its holes for trigger adjustment help you dial it in without having to take off the chassis. T-slot for Picatinny rail allow for further customization, making it an ideal choice for turning the Maverick into your favorite rifle.


- ARCA extension rail with T-slot along the bottom for picatinny rails
- Low profile rigid design with the ARCA rail close to the bottle. 
- 2 piece system, the rail can be detached and swapped out with a compact rail.
- T-slots on the left, right and bottom of the rear to add rails and sling attachment points
- Comes with 1 Picatinny t-slot rails that slide in the t-slot under the ARCA and in the T-slots on the bottom and side rear. 
- 2 holes in the rear for trigger adjustment
- Hole for reg adjustment 



Designed and manufactured in Seattle, USA from domestically sourced 6061-T6 Aluminum.