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Kraford and Lypt

Delta Wolf Drake Trigger Guard

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The next generation of K&L trigger guards is here!
Made to order, 2 to 3 week lead. 

Our gen5 guard is packed with more features than any guard on the market. 

The patent pending integrated barricade stop sits front and center on this latest flagship model. Allowing you to get into the tightest of places and still see through your scope. 
It's robust construction lends to a stable shot off obstacles and bipods. It's integrated arca rail will slide into any arca bipod, and if you use picatinny, there are #10-20 holes all along the bottom ready to screw on any Mlok rail you want. You can also add a section of Mlok on the barricade section. 

The arca rail goes far back under the trigger. Like our gravity rail, this allows you to put it on a tripod or rest the rifle on things close to it's pivot point. No more rifles falling off your tripod.  

The Mlok slots on the side of the rail allow you to add more accessories. The #10-20 holes towards the rear line up with the slots. The #10-20 screws it needs come with your Mlok accessories. Instead of using the nut, you just screw it directly into the side of the rail. 
Putting the threaded holes there instead of slots aids in strength at the critical flex point. The threads are roll formed, which are much more strong and robust than cut tap holes.