The new part (right) without anodizing net to the older version (left)

UPGRADE Coming Soon to The FX Impact KLS-2

A product is never really finished here at K&L. 

The commitment to continuous improvement (see The Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker) led us to take more time to look at the connection between the FX Impact and the KLS-2.

Small enhancements that do not increase components and complexity allow us to tinker with how the two talk to each other and react to marksman input.

Here are the key improvement points:

  • The KLS attachment to the Impact stock is now more firm won't rock as opposed to the previous iteration
  • The holes that harness the 2 rods are now smaller. Originally, the holes were made larger to increase ease of movement along the rod, but are now tightened it up while also allowing ease of pulling.

Another subtle additional feature is the radius on the grip side. It used to be 3mm but is now 4mm... Game changer! 


New and improved part (right) seen without anodizing VS the previous version (left).


Want to upgrade your current KLS-2 to have this part? Reach out to Blake Allerton for more info.


Can you put a QD cup on the bottom of this piece for sling attachment? That would be nice

Rock Herr

Hello I would love to get this new improved peace I just got my KLS-2 about 2 weeks ago please tell me where I can order or how to get one thank you.

John Day

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