NEW KLS-M Adjustable stocks for Redwolf, FX Crown and Minelli stocks

Here is a sneak peak for our replacement of the KLS-C stock.
The KLS-C has been redesigned from the ground up.

KLS-M features:

  • The butt pad from the KLS-2
  • Easier elevation adjustment dove tail rail
  • The plate allows to keep proper cast on and cast off adjustment
  • Cant compensation
  • Future ability to add a monopod

The KLS-M is compatible with any Minelli stock that has their generic rubber pad with cast and elevation adjustment. Rifles that are compatible include the Daystate Redwolf, Renegade, Wolverine 2, Wolverine R, FX Crown, BSA Gold Star SE, R10 SE, and many more.

Will be shipping towards the end of September 2021
Available for pre order:

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