Daystate Delta Wolf Trigger Guard

The long awaited extended trigger guard for the Daystate Delta Wolf is nearly here!
Will be shipping the third week of October.

The design parameters were:

  • no flex
  • no snags or sharp corners
  • light weight but strong
  • low profile
  • supports both ARCA and picatinny
  • very stylish

One thing we are quite proud of is that you can fit the rifle and the K&L trigger guard into your case without cutting any of the foam to make room.

Per the usual, designed and manufactured in Seattle U.S.A.

This item can be pre-ordered here or at our dealers!

Daystate delta wolf K&L Trigger guard

Sleek low profile design that fits in your case.

Large hole for easy access to the foster fitting and to trigger adjustment screws.

Daystate delta wolf kraford and lypt trigger guard

Rounded edges that prevent snagging.

Daystate delta wolf extended trigger guard kraford and lypt

T-slots run the length of the ARCA rail allowing you to put picatinny rails wherever you want along the bottom.

Daystate arca delta wolf trigger guard with picatinny

The smooth profile of the bottom provides comfort when resting the rail on obstacles as well as when shooting off hand. 

Daystate delta wolf trigger guard low prifile design

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