About Us

Nobody said lining up your shot would be easy. We at Kraford & Lypt design and manufacture innovations for some of the most popular airguns on the market. Our team’s mission is to ensure marksmen like yourself are equipped with high-quality and reliable gear that allow you to perform the best you can.

All production is done in-house, right here in Seattle, Washington. Our materials and metals are
domestically sourced allowing us to ensure strict Kraford & Lypt standards and quality control.

Kraford & Lypt is a growing brand with devotion for all things airgun. With this passion, we’ve been able to improve the shots of shooters all around the world. As Kraford and Lypt continues to grow, we aim to keep pushing the boundaries of the industry through continual improvement of our current products and innovating with new ones.

The Kraford & Lypt team is always tinkering in the workshop, but we also love feedback from the airgun community. Feel free to browse our inventory and envision what modifications are possible for your airgun. Contact us