Range Extender Update

We are happy to announce the range extender is almost finished.
All R&D has been completed BUT we overlooked a tool we'll need.
Unlike conventional milling tools, saws are almost always custom made especially when over 1mm thick.
The tool we had to order was a 5mm slitting saw with a 24mm length of cut. The picture below shows the saw bumping into the green stock.

Solution: order another tool.
We love making things in house and in keeping with that ethos, most of our tooling comes from Imco, Helical, AB tooling, Emuge, Haimer, and Iscar which also have a habit of making their tooling in house.
Our favorite company to order custom tooling from, especially slotting and profile tools, is AB Tools out of CA. Below is a drawing submitted for the tool in question.

The bad news is, this will push the launch date out about another week and a half from us posting this update.

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Looking for instructions or video on changing the Maverick chassis I received.

James Brown

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