KLS-SK Adjustable Butt Pad for the LCS SK-19

Posted by Blake Allerton on

The KLS-SK is here!

June saw the launch of the new KLS-SK butt pad and adapter for the LCS SK semi-auto and full automatic air rifle made their way from the Kraford and Lypt production floor to our authorized dealers throughout the US, Mexico, and Europe. 

The SK-19 is a sweet package for a semi/full automatic rifle that features decent accuracy and style points.

One thing we felt was lacking a little was the OEM butt pad. 

Once the SK-19 was in our hands we went right to work adapting the formidable KLS-2's butt pad to the SK.

For this butt pad we felt that durability and simplicity was key. Many are using this for verminating and having fun down range, so all the frills of the fully equipped KLS-2 weren't warranted. With this in mind, K&L's design lead, Stephen, focused on developing a cost effective innovation to the OEM pad without sacrificing quality, ergonomics, or usefulness--just a few of the elements we at K&L are constantly iterating and developing to ensure our marksmen users are getting the most out of any K&L innovation.

We've been having a lot of fun with this rifle, so be sure to follow us on social and regularly check back on our site for new and upcoming parts and accessories that will make your SK experience even more exhilarating. 








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