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Kraford and Lypt


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The RTI Prophet is a beloved platform for accuracy, reliability, simplicity and durability. While its simplicity is a feature, there is room for improvement. 

The operation of your Prophet can now be fully realized with a more comfortable rubber pad accompanied by an angled bag rider or monopod. The proven durability of Magpul and K&L accessories is now adapted via the KLS-RTI with its reinforced rubber pad options. The spacing of the holes that attached the pad are also compatible with many of Magpul's other pads. Furthermore this allows you to shim the KLS-RIT further out if you wish to increase the length of pull. The K&L bench pad allows for further dialing in and comfort optimized for bench shooting.  

The bag rider, similar to the KLS-3, is angled in such a way that target acquisition is optimized. The slant allows you to quickly change elevation while providing a firm stable rest point. The bag rider is removable via 2 M5 socket head screws on the bottom. 

The Monopod is integrated into the pad bracket. It features quick adjustment with a thumb screw and fine adjustment at the bottom. Fine adjustment allows you and additional 30mm of elevation with .2mm graduation quarter revolution. The bag rider and monopod cannot be used at the same time, but the bracket they attach to is the same. Changing between the two is very easy. 

Both the bracket for the pad and the bag rider are machined 6000 series aluminum. 
Last but not least there is a hole for a QD sling adapter on the side. 

Compatible with both the Prophet 1 and 2 

Order from RTI or RTI dealers:

KLS-RTI Bench:

  • K&L pad
  • Additional height adjustment 
  • Cant compensation  
  • Adjustment "flaps" on the pad
  • Bracket contains adapter for monopod 
  • Compatible with bag rider 
  • Compatible with monopod featuring quick and fine adjustment 
  • Female QD hole for sling
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Lighter than the bench version
  • Features a Magpul pad geared towards position competitions 
  • Doesn't have a monopod    
  • Compatible with bag rider
  • Compatible with monopod featuring quick and fine adjustment 
  • Female QD hole for sling
  • Manufactured in the USA
Designed and manufactured in Seattle, USA from domestically sourced 6061-T6 Aluminum.