FX Impact Easy Access Trigger Guard Gen 2

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The classic K&L extended guard for the FX Impact just got an upgrade. With an improved, innovative design the Gen2 Extended Guard is the marksman's choice for upgrading the FX Impact.

With the new T-rail slot, use the K&L T-rail and/or K&L ARCA T-rail for your fix your favorite atatchments.

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Inspection Reports

As of June 2020, all Gen2 Guards are serialized and include an digitally generated inspection report so you know your part is up to spec. Each report is verified, signed by hand, and also includes the mill report from our domestic aluminum source, Kaiser Aluminum.



  • Curved rear to for a more flush fit with the pistol grip
  • T-slot that can receive any T-rail part. Accessories like extra piccatinny or ARCA can be added.
  • Serialized cap and corresponding guard are machined together at the same time to ensure quality and fit
  • Thicker extension with less flex


The Gen2 Extended Guard for the FX Impact is designed to allow easier access to the foster fitting making it seamless to connect and disconnect when refilling your tank. The long model places the bi-pod further towards the front to significantly increase the stability of your shot. It is designed to be strong, light weight and handle corrosive environments.


This guard is made a bit lower than the OEM part so that the bottom to the guard covers the fill port on the gun. This protects the fill port and allows a cap to fit flush with the bottom of the guard. The cap is held on by a strong magnet. In addition, the back end of the trigger guard now lines up with the pistol grip unlike the OEM part.
Includes one guard and one cap.


Designed and manufactured in Seattle, USA from domestically sourced 6061-T6 Aluminum.



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